Combating Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is one of the most difficult types of crime to combat. Often, the criminals remain shrouded behind the comfort of their computers. As a result, they are able to operate freely for a number of years without detection. York police work hard to investigate cyber crimes to keep vulnerable residents safe. Kids are often the targets of cyber criminals because they are ignorant of the dangers that they pose. Pedophiles and child abductors lurk online to lure kids into a false sense of security. It is up to the parents to educate their kids so that they do not talk to strangers online. Once they understand the warning signs, they will remain safe.

Some elderly people fall victim to financial schemes or phishing attacks. Phishing attacks occur when a criminal sends an email out to a person. Once they click on the link, their private information is provided to the schemer. This information is given by the elderly person, and information often includes social security numbers, first and last names, and other identifiable information. People become duped into thinking that they are doing a good thing, but in reality, they are just being schemed like everyone else.

Some cyber criminals prey on those who seek love on dating sites. UK police have busted several crime rings in recent years which operate through these means of communication. The criminals often create fake profiles and then convince an unwitting dater that they should send them money for financial means. Once they have gotten their desired amount of money from the person, they simply disappear. These types of criminals are hard to track down, so it is critical to be aware of who you talk to online.

Online identity theft is one of the most common issues that people face in the UK. Identity theft occurs through phishing schemes and convincing emails that look like they are coming from a legitimate source. Never give personal information out to a person who requests it. Always fact check the emailer to see if they really exist. When you are cautious, you can protect your financial interests.