Prevent Community Crime

The prevention of crime falls on the residents and officials who take decisive action against it. One of the ways that crime is controlled, is through community intervention. Community members have the power to act as first responders during a time of crisis. If a child becomes abducted, for example, a system should be in place to allow for an immediate search and rescue operation until the police arrive. Immediate responses to crises help the child's chance for survival to increase. The same can be said when a burglary takes place. If the community is immediately aware, then they can report suspicious activity before the police arrive.

One of the most important ways to prevent crime is to get to know your neighbours. This prevents paranoia from setting in when a crime does take place. Your neighbours can keep watch over your home while you are on vacation. Once you have a trusting relationship with them, it allows you to feel much more comfortable knowing that your home is in good hands. Consider the fact that most burglaries take place when a resident leaves town, and it is obvious that getting to know your neighbours is a huge factor when it comes to remaining safe.

Anyone who becomes frustrated by a lack of law enforcement should make sure crimes get press. Social media is the best resource to use for this purpose. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are excellent because they allow you to get information out as quickly as possible. Most community leaders will cave to the pressure if the community starts to speak out. Change only takes place if community members make sure that it happens. Sometimes it takes a little media attention to someone's full cooperation. Everyone must do their part to prevent community crimes.