Violent Crime Initiative

Violent crimes are on the rise in parts of the UK. York sees its fair share of violent crime, even if it is not one of the leaders in that category within England. However, it is still important to understand how violent crime takes place so that everyone can work together to stop it. Several important factors come into play in order to put a stop to it. These factors include stiff penalties upon conviction, public awareness, educational programs, and protection measures. When each of these factors are considered, residents stand a much better chance of not becoming a victim.

The implementation of stiffer penalties is one of the primary factors in curbing violent crime. In recent years, parts of the UK have given much longer prison sentences to people who commit violent crimes like murder and assault. These crimes often take place during robberies and burglaries. Longer sentences deter people from trying to commit these crimes. A lack of leniency works to serve as an example to others before they have a chance to ruin another person's life for their own selfish needs. Work programs and other rehabilitation programs take place within prisons to help people to change their habits.

Often, education of young people is the key to stopping career criminals. Studies show that people who commit violent crimes often start out by committing less serious crimes. They might steal items, or they might abuse animals, for example. Scared straight programs are becoming increasingly popular to show kids that prison is not a place they want to visit. These programs take young people and place them in prison settings where they interact with violent prisoners. Many of them leave the prison understanding that their lives will be in danger if they ever find themselves in that same situation.

Self-awareness is another major key to the equation. You should never travel alone at night, especially in areas that are not lit well, such as public transportation areas. Tourists who are unfamiliar with their surroundings are prime targets. In order to protect yourself, it is a good idea to carry a weapon, even if it is something simple like mace. Small cans of mace are good choices because they can legally be concealed, and they render an attacker blind so that you can get away. Alarm systems, and tasers are excellent choices as well. Every person must take responsibility to help themselves, as well as others, to avoid violent crimes.