Crime Reduction

York is one of the more prominent historical cities in England. It is steeped in traditional values, yet it is not immune to criminal activity. This city is unique, and it has walls that encompass it.

If you visit this area, you might be surprised to learn that local residents often experience the same types of crimes which take place in other larger cities located throughout the UK.

This is why organisations are working to build a safer area through comprehensive education plans. However, it takes much more than education to sustain safety. Here are some key aspects to making York a safer city.

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Protecting Victims

Everyone who becomes a victim of a violent crime feels apprehension when they leave their homes, especially if the perpetrator has not been caught. In other instances, the psychological affects of being a victim are too much to handle.

So, what should victims who reside in York do to combat these feelings of helplessness? The answer is found within different programs offered to people who need the help.

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