Cycling City

York has been designated as a Cycling City from 2008 and part of this award includes £3.68m of government funds being made available to improve facilities for cyclists in the city and get more people cycling. Having this status presents us with a fantastic opportunity to take cycling to a new level in York, setting new standards that we hope other towns and cities will follow. 

The aims of the project are all about getting people to want to cycle again; to enable them to cycle through the provision of better facilities; and achieving this through a community-led partnership approach. 

We want to get more people cycling more often, and further - and make cycling the first choice of travel for many more residents. 

Overall, the key targets are to: 

Increase cycling by 25% on existing levels by 2010 
Generate a 100% increase in children cycling to school 
And increase the number of trips to work by bike by 10% 

Our main objectives will be to: 

Fill the gaps in the cycle route network and provide more new routes including a new orbital route to link up many employment and education sites in the city; better signing of the existing network including time based signs; re-allocation of more road space to cyclists; and provision of new routes in locations such as Clifton Bridge, Blossom Street and Fulford Road.

Improve the quality and availability of cycle parking, lighting and bike security including a new sheltered city centre cycle park; and a city wide network of cycle hire points.

Increase the numbers of school pupils cycling by increasing cyclist training course capacity; the provision of bikes for children to train on; and out of school cycling activities.

Increase cycling amongst traditionally 'low participant' groups such as females, over 45s, teenage girls, school children, those with disabilities or who are economically disadvantaged, through targeting training at 'lapsed' cyclists, particularly older people; organising guided rides suitable for all abilities; and the provision of low cost recycled bikes for those economically disadvantaged.

Influence travel to work decisions by helping businesses to improve cycling facilities in the workplace; the provision of better information and online journey planning software for cyclists; and through cycling to work initiatives.

Improve information, marketing and raising the awareness of the benefits of cycling through the development of a new Cycling City website, targeted campaigns to encourage cycling; and an annual family oriented cycling festival.

You can access the York City Council's 'Cycling City' website for more information at:


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